The way to a woman’s body, is through her heart.  The way to a man’s heart, is through his body.  (This is a generalization, of course)

I am going to speak in this article within the frame of heterosexual partnerships, where the woman is closed in her availability to give herself sexually to her man.  Though perhaps this information can be useful in other contexts as well to people in various relationship orientations, or from the view of a woman whose man is not opening to her.  I invite you to take in the essence of what is said here and if it can be helpful to you in any way, then mission accomplished. 

The Anatomy of Intimacy

It is like a flower, with delicate and delightful layers, leading into the center point of physicality where everything is joined together in a cohesive foundation.  In this article, we are going to address the outer layers of the flower here together, as these are highly missed by the awareness within our sex culture in the world, yet are essential layers for true and sustained physical intimacy to thrive, keeping the spark of romance and connection alive in the partnership. 

The Most Outer Petals of the Flower of Love

News flash – Foreplay begins outside the bedroom for women.  Please pause and take that in for a second.

Foreplay for a woman includes all of the ways the couple moves together through the daily life activities, and moves through the world together.  All the simple moment to moment experiences of connecting and considering each other, are giving her drops, streams, or floods of sensual nectar into her well of sexual energy. 

The Middle Layer Petals of the Flower of Love

Here’s the juicy honey spot of this article. Please take this in, and re-read it at least 2x to get yourself connected to this information and then put it into delightful loving practice. 

Energetic fluffing – all ways of sharing intimacy that includes clothes on, and is sensual yet not sexual in nature.  This layer is essential for women’s longevity of sexual energy and replenishment of it in her body (physically and energetically), to fill her well so she can then give from a place of overflowing juicy goodness.

If a woman is not opening up in her heart and body, go back to nourishing the energy connection.  This affectionate attention communicates to the woman about the quality of safety, security, care, and love that she has available to receive from her man. 

Get a massage table!  This investment will greatly increase the quality and quantity of your sensuality, and you can have sex on it in other positions that are fun and are a bit harder to do on a bed.  It’s also fun to have a another designated place for sexy time, rather than it always being confined to just the bed, as it gives more variety to the over all patterns of love-making longevity.  They fold up and store easily, and you can buy online for about $100 and have it delivered to your door.  I did so. 

Be patient, curious, and creative.  She will come around once she knows her man is really there for her in this way, if she is feeling the desire of that connection still within her core.  It’s most likely that if your woman is not giving to you, it’s because you haven’t given to her in the ways she truly needs in a long time (these ‘middle layer petals of intimacy’), and her well has been dried up for even longer; yet you’re hoping and maybe even expecting her to give her sex to you, and becoming hurt and disappointed when this isn’t the case. 

Don’t’ be too hard on yourself either, this is a general conditioned sexual behavior that we are all breaking through at this time.  This is rampant out there in the world today and bringing devastation and destruction to relationships, as there is a dynamic playing out of men not knowing how to truly give in the ways women need, women not knowing how to communicate about it or even know what their needs are, men not knowing how to listen and follow requests she makes –all boils down to communication, and the great lack of skill that many couples are struggling with. 

Focus on levels of intimacy that don’t involve being naked, kissing, breasts, and genitals.  Think back to when you first met, before you fucked for the 1st time.  Recall the ways you were affectionate then, to give you ideas about what can work in this realm of intimacy, and bring these ways to the forefront, maybe for a little while, as long as it takes for your woman to start to feel a desire to open more to you. 

Some examples of ‘energetic fluffing’ are:

Gentle petting strokes on her back, belly, hips

Massage – get a massage table!!

Playing with her hair

Meditate together

Gently caressing her face

Eye gazing

Opening communication about your love and intimacy, sharing desires and needs, acknowledging each other for ways that you feel supported and considered

The book titled “5 Love Languages”, by Gary Chapman, is an excellent resource: read it and get a clue!

  • Words of affection
  • Touch
  • Gifts
  • Acts of service
  • Quality time

Make the effort, it is disempowering to tell yourself that there is no time in the day to share love with your beloved.  Create a more appealing and supportive love story for you two to enjoy and be nourished by.  Everyone has at least 5 mins at the end of every day.  Start there.  Just lay down and hold each other, and share about your day and how you’re feeling, or what’s truly going on for you.  Your communication IS THE KEY to greater intimacy!!  I cannot say this enough!  I do a lot of relationship counseling in my work, and across the board, when I ask my clients what their woman says when he brings up a topic of concern to her, I get told they don’t talk about it.  How can you expect to go deeper when you aren’t even talking about the issues at hand? 

Yet, people turn around and expect their intimacy to be fulfilling, it just simply does NOT work that way.

You actually need to put in effort to change the dynamic of intimacy in your relationship.  It’s like an art project created between people’s love.  It’s an act of creation.  If there’s no effort to keep it progressing, it just ends up being a pile of junk collecting dust.  The good thing is you can always blow the dust off, reset your creative platform and continue developing your project.  Though in this case of creative expression, it takes two (or three or more, depending on the amount of people you are creating with).  It is not enough for just 1 person in the game to play.  Both need to be on decks for the ship to sail and enjoy the journey together.

Men – Please hear me on this!!  Don’t do all of this strictly with the goal in mind to get your beloved to open to you sexually.  Don’t try something once or twice, and then think the green light is on and you should make your move to take it further.  Develop a higher level of maturity, please, and give to her simply from the desire to give without any expectation for a return, because you want to serve her and make her feel good.  Women need to feel this quality of giving from our men.  All women have had, or are having an experience of her man always giving from a place of expecting to be given to in return.  This must change.  I cannot say this enough.  If you care about the longevity of your connection, you will use this as an opportunity to practice this higher form of giving, and your relationship will blossom from it in many ways and create sustainable intimacy for you both.

Once these outer petals of love have been delighted in wonderfully nourishing ways, then proceed to the center of the flower where the energy of intimate creation can dance in the physicality of bodies.  There are many resources available on this topic, if you are searching.  Yet that known, I can tell you, that if you practice what I have shared in this article, you will far more naturally be attuned to the physical desires of your beloved, and your communication skills will be at a level of higher ability to lovingly, compassionately guide each other into the wholeness of your physical bliss together. 

Please share this article with as many people as possible.  This is crucial information for couples to know and practice in the world, so we can all evolve together in our ability to communicate, give and receive intimacy, and feel fulfilled connection in our romantic partnerships.  This will ultimately bleed out into other aspects of our daily living and help to create happier humans on the planet, when the masculine and feminine in us all can share in these more holistic fulfilling ways of intimacy.  And so, the flower blossoms and fills a room with decadent fragrance, colors, and textures to enjoy.  This is the good energy we experience we when are in the presence of “power couples.”

Cheers to your sweet precious love, you are a warrior of loving light on it’s path of awakening!

Excerpts from “The Book of Courtesans”, by Susan Griffin

“Carnal Knowledge

…  The realm of sexual pleasure is also the realm of the psyche.  To loved or be loved, to touch, be touched, feel pleasure, passion, ecstasy, to surrender and release engages every human faculty, not sensual adroitness alone but intelligence of every kind.  As well as being able to give pleasure, a good lover must be sensitive and aware, registering what kind of touch, for instance, on which part of the body arouses desire, knowing which mood calls for a robust approach, which moment requires gentleness, able to laugh or tease while at the same time probing both the mind and body of the loved one.”

“The desire to give pleasure is, however, not the only motive.  The deepest ardor of the lover is the desire to know the beloved: to test, feel, see, taste, smell, witness every response, every shade of sensation… In recognizing even the subtlest desires of the beloved or in answering these desires with a delicate precision, the lover is providing a mirror for what the beloved feels.  The beloved feels known, even ravished by this intense reflection.  And in turn the one who is loved feels an echoing need to know, because being a lover as well as being the beloved, the desire is to please by knowledge… The urge to consume knowledge can be consuming in itself.  Though in an afternoon of lovemaking desire may arc and come to fruition, the desire to know is inexhaustible.  The wish is for an impossible thoroughness, a complete union between the knower and the known.”